Hit The Gap!


rugby-673461__180In the game of Rugby people know what it means when you shout, “Hit the Gap”. It happens when a hole is opening up in the defense line and the attacking player has a chance to get through it without being tackled. It takes creativity to get through the gap – and there are a few things that rugby can teach us about being creative in Kingdom work.

Firstly, BE IN THE GAME! One will never be able to hit the gap if you are not committed to winning the game. Many leaders have given up due to difficult opposition, lack of support, fear or discouragement. Get down on your knees before God and realize again why you are doing what you are doing. You are on His team – the WINNING TEAM.

Secondly, SEE THE GAP! It is when we are rooted in prayer and committed to the game that we will see opportunities. One pastor friend of mine once wrote on a whiteboard: Need = Opportunity. Never underestimate what God can do through you. Creativity comes from seeing the need. Not every need is for you to address – and this is where it is important to listen to God and stay on track with your purpose. It is sad when leaders do not see needs as opportunities anymore, but rather as stumbling blocks. We need to be optimistic.

Thirdly, GET A STRATEGY! Once we know the gap is ours to take, we plan. Just like in rugby, sometimes figuring out a way to hit the gap needs to happen in a few split seconds. Leaders need to be able to think on their feet and make quick decisions. We need to be flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances in a heartbeat. However, many times we need time to strategize. This is where we pray and come up with creative ideas. We ask questions like “What?How?Who? With What?” God is a creative God and has also given us people who can help with this – whether that is your team, board or just friends. So let’s use them!

Fourthly, HIT THE GAP! This is where we put our foot on the gas and go all out. The leader needs to be willing to take the risk and just do it! It will never make an impact if it just stays in our head or on a piece of paper. You are the leader – leaders are the ones that should take initiative and boldly hit the gaps!

We live in a world with a lot of needs, but may we see it as a world of opportunities. Opportunities to do amazing Kingdom work.

Am I in the game or standing on the side line?

Am I seeing the opportunities or have I become numb to the needs or pessimistic?

Am I praying and planning for creative ideas? Do I have enough courage to take risks?

So let’s go on and HIT THOSE GAPS!



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