How to Celebrate!

images-2We talked about “Why Celebrate” but I think we need to talk about “How to Celebrate”.

Have you ever watched a NFL game, and watched the celebration take place in the end zone?  It usually begins with the person who scored the touchdown, then the team gathers to celebrate together.

Have you seen a football game where after scoring a goal, the player strips off their shirt, runs the length of the field with their arms raised, basking in the praise and applause of the crowd?

We love to celebrate our accomplishments and victories, but it’s amazing how quickly we forget about the other people who helped us to get where we are?  Often, when the NFL player is in the end zone celebrating, the quarterback simply runs off the field to the sideline.  They put the ball in the receivers arms, yet most people praise the receiver.  In football, we often forget who put the ball in front of the player at the right time and at the right place for the goal shot.  We focus on the one who “finished it” not those that helped them get there.

Here are some thoughts on How to Celebrate!

#1)  Others Voices are Most Important

Have you ever heard someone talk about their own accomplishments?  They make sure that everyone knows that they are the ones that get the credit. Learn to be quiet.  When others praise you or celebrate you, humbly accept that.  It’s an honor.  You don’t need to blow your own horn.

#2)  Don’t Forget your Team

Very rarely do we accomplish something 100% on our own. There are always people who contribute to your success. Don’t forget them.  If you have a team behind you, praise them first and be sure to include them in your celebration.

#3)  Embrace It

Some people have a really hard time when attention is focused on them.  There are times in your life that you need to embrace the celebration, the attention and the praise.  You deserve it.  Don’t brush it off, don’t avoid it and don’t downplay it.  Sometimes you deserve all that’s coming.  Remember, this isn’t just about you!  Sometimes celebration is more important for your family and your team, so you need to embrace it and allow it to happen.

#4) Move On

It’s important to celebrate and it’s completely appropriate.  Stop what you’re doing and celebrate an achievement.  There’s also a point where you need to move on.  Sometimes we are so starved for the attention and praise that we never want the moment to end.

Isn’t it refreshing when an artist or an athlete, in that moment of VICTORY, share the spotlight.  They can do it subtly by pointing a finger to God above thanking Him, or they do it by acknowledging publicly that they couldn’t have done anything without the support of others.

Be sure that you’re one of those people.  It’s important TO CELEBRATE.  It’s even more important to CELEBRATE WELL!

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