I Want to be Used

On a recent safari in South Africa, our guide was talking about elephant dung and how useful it was.   Yes, I said “elephant dung”.  It turns out that elephants are really poor digesters.  Sometimes the trees and branches that an elephant eats are simply passed through, making the dung full of fiber.  Elephants produce over 50 kg of dung a day, yes, 50 KG.  Elephant dung also has a very little odor and lastly, elephant dung is 100% bacteria free.  So, there’s a use and a purpose to these piles of dung and there’s a market out there for useful products that come from elephants.

Think about it.  Elephants eat between 200 and 250 kg of food a day, and out of these we can produce over 115 pages of pager, all virtually odor and bacteria free.

There you go!

OK, I’m done talking about elephants and their “dung”

This is what I’m thinking about…  I’ve been talking this past week with a group of Young Adults about being “useful”.  The questions we’re asking are these:  Are there areas of my life that can be useful to God and useful to others?  Do I bring value to others lives?  Is there a purpose behind my life that is unfolding?

We studied the life of Moses and realized that even after years of wondering in the wilderness, God still had a role for him and a purpose for him.

We talked about our willingness to be used, and we realizes that many of us don’t make ourselves available and we’re not willing to be used.

We talked about God’s plan in our lives and the fact that sometimes it might take some time for God to prepare us for His plan.  We need to be patient and trust Him to complete His plan.

If God can use the dung of an elephant for a purpose, do you think He has a plan for you?  For me?

I want to be used.  I don’t want to be caught by surprise.  I want to be ready.  I want to be willing to do whatever it is He asks met do.  I want to be patient and I realize that sometimes it takes some time for me to be prepared for the task.

I don’t want to be so focused on my life, on my needs and on my comfort that I miss what it is God is doing.

“Lord, use me.”


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