It’s a New Year!

imagesYes, it’s a New Year and I started the year QUIET! One of the things I have tried to do over the past 10 years is to take some days at the end of the year to unplug from work, unplug from the constant demand of communication, and I focus on Christmas, which helps to put everything I pour my life into during the year make sense.  It’s a great way to end the year, surrounded by family and enjoying a different pace.

I also start the New Year in the same way… taking a couple of days to think, pray, clear my head and anticipate all that is to come. Today it all starts!

I’ve found I’m ready to go, ready to get moving, eager to get to work and ready for all that God brings in my path today and for the year to come.

It’s a New Year!

I was looking a a couple of tip sheets that I look at each year as things begin to unfold. I wanted to share these with you again. They are found on the Leadon pages under “Personal Strategic Thinking“.

Take a look at these pages to do some thinking and planning of your own:

A New Year: GO! (Originally posted in 2013)

Baby Steps

Stop! Ask These Questions!

Getting Things Done

I trust that for each of you, as you begin this New Year, you are able to FOCUS, you’re able to be INTENTIONAL, and you’re able to do the things that are MOST IMPORTANT to the vision and calling that God has given you.

It’s a New Year!


Russ Cline has wide experience in church, mission, and global leadership. Beginning in the local church in Southern California, then moving to Ecuador for 16 years to be a part of launching three distinct organizations, Russ is now back in Southern California working with Extreme Response International in providing leadership coaching and organizational development to leaders around the world. Russ' passion is to come alongside organizations and to help them identify areas of growth, focus and change, resulting in greater impact and effectiveness. Russ graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Business and Christian Education and completed his graduate work in Organizational Development. He has been married for 31 years to Gina, and they have three kids: Rheanna, Riley and Raylin. To learn more about Russ, visit: Write directly to Russ at: twitter: leadwithruss, leadermundial

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