It’s About Time

imagesAs you read this I hope you realize that you have less time ahead of you than at any point in your life.

So, let’s talk about time.

All my life I have heard these things about time:

*Time is like money, once you spend it, it is gone.

*We do get to decide how we want to spend it.

*We can even save time.

*Unlike money, we can never get lost time back.

*Wasting time gets very expensive.

*Hesitation, or uncertainty steals time.

*Time never waits.

*Time can be the greatest gift of all.

*“I don’t have time” means “I don’t want to”


So, what do I do with the time I have?

#1) I start my days by spending a little time thinking: I create a list of what has to happen, things that have to get done. I think it through before I act. I map out what I need to do or want to do and figure out where to start. If I think it out before I start I will waste less time. Remember, there is a difference between what I have to do and what I want to do!

#2) Now, I make my list, I write it down: I plan my day so that I do what I have to do first. When I have done those things, now I do what I want to do (that would be most of the social media activity).

#3) I build into each hour a five-minute break: I call it “my time’. Work for 55 minutes and then take a five-minute break. Do it, even if you don’t think you have time. Get up, walk, think, talk, whatever, but, get up and move. It will keep you going. Some of that “I want’ activity can take place during the break. But, get away from your desk. This could be for a snack or a bathroom break. It could be when you take a walk or chat with a friend. Be consistent to do this, it will help you make better use of the other 55 minutes.

#4) Learn to celebrate success: I hate having to make phone calls to companies to arrange things. The automation, the time it takes, the response of someone you can’t see is sometimes frustrating and exhausting. Phone calls usually end up on the bottom of my ‘to do’ list. So, I have started rewarding myself when I finish working my way through a menu and completing a transaction. That’s when I get up and go get a popsicle. Then I sit and eat it while I cross that item off my list. I celebrate!

Time. We can never get it back, so let’s spend what we have wisely!

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Dr. Ron Cline helps build the body of Christ around the world. His background as a pastor, educator, counselor, missionary and author gives him credibility and rapport with the many groups and individuals he and his wife, Barbara, minister to in various countries each year. After 7 years of pastoral ministry in Southern California, and ten years as the Dean at Azusa Pacific University, the Clines’ international service began in 1976 as a short-term opportunity when he agreed to pastor the English Fellowship Church in Quito, Ecuador for two years. Those two years stretched into six years. Following that he served as the president of HCJB World Radio, also in Ecuador, for 20 years. HCJB Global, now Reach Beyond, has media, health care, community and/or leadership development ministries in Latin America, Europe, Russia, North Africa/Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia Pacific. Ron and Barb currently serve as Global Ambassadors with Reach Beyond and live in Southern California after living 30 years abroad. They travel from Southern California throughout the world. For the last ten years they have been encouraging, coaching and working with leaders in Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Mongolia, India, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Solomon Islands, Western Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Fiji, America Samoa, Australia, New Zealand, Central Asia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Ecuador, Russia, Malawi, Ivory Coast and South Africa.

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