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20304381-one-arrow-hit-the-center-of-a-blue-target-vector-image-suitable-for-business-or-marketing-logoI have always been interested to see how organizations ‘promote’ what they do.  This involves more than just talking about it and asking for money, it involves a plan that people see and understand.

First, they need to figure out what is needed in the world or community and find a way to meet that need. Then second, they want to tell the people in that world or community that they have something they may want to check out. They need to make sure they work hard to make it easy for the people to get and easy for them to understand.  And third, they need to make sure that when the people do  check it out, it is good, satisfying and does indeed, touch their need and with white label local seo you can do exactly this without any trouble, the local SEO Agencies Brisbane get results locally and nationally, which makes the proprietary SEO system so darn effective, spread the word by itself and get the good advertising on move.

Word of mouth will do the rest!

I think every organization, church, business, ministry needs to be known for something they offer that meets a need.  I am sure they must already have something their community needs and that is probably why they exist.  But, do they ‘promote’ themselves well enough for the people around them to know that they are there? SEO management is not that hard to find, if you ever need help then check out this Home Page for assistance.

Does the community around you know that you exist?  Why you are there? What you can do for them?

We all need to practice good promotion. In organizational terms, that would be called ‘marketing’. In our case it may not be for money, it may be to help them make life better.

Jesus was a master in showing us how to use excellent marketing skills. Consider these three things He did in Matthew 9:35-36

  1. Jesus went to where He knew there would be a person in need. Do you know where that would be in your community?  We need to be available where the need is if we have something that will help with that need.  We need to let them know what we have for them. That means we go to them rather than wait for them to come to us.
  2. Jesus went to all the communities. He did not select some people or areas over others.  He did not rule anyone out.  He offered His solution to everyone regardless of who they were, where or how they lived, whether they wanted it or not.  He knew they needed what He had. His concern was that they didn’t know the solution that He was offering.  The same may be true for what you have to offer.
  3. Jesus ‘saw’ the people as they were and ‘felt’ for them because He knew what they really needed.  We need to have a strategy that lets us meet their ‘felt’ need before we move to their ‘deep’ need.  If we are in ministry, we are failing our communities if we are ignoring their immediate need and aiming just at some spiritual solution.  At the same time, just doing something that’s needed without making the ultimate connection to the prevailing spiritual problem is falling short of the Jesus model.

Going, seeing, and feeling for the needs of the people, then building something that will speak to those needs and letting them know that you are there. It is needed in every area of our lives and work, in our personal relationships, families, and communities.   

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