Just Do It

We have all seen the logo, we have all heard the phrase, “Just Do It!”

The same is true for the leader.  If you have a job to do, do it!

But, like the athlete, you will have to fight through some things to “just do it”.

Distractions—things that you do instead of what you should do.

Fear—things that you don’t do because they could cause you failure.

Procrastination—things you need to do but decide to do later…again.

Laziness—things you don’t do because you don’t feel like doing them.

Weakness—things you don’t do because they are hard work.

A leader has to get his job done.  If he doesn’t do his job, others may not be able to do their jobs.  No one wants to work for a leader who doesn’t lead.

So, seven easy steps to get those jobs started:

1.      Make a list of what you have to get done.

2.      Decide what needs to be done today and what can wait for tomorrow (not the next day).

3.      Start working on the first item on the ‘today’ list.  Give yourself ten minutes with no interruptions and see how much you get done.

4.      Do the same with the next item to be done.  Ten minutes, no interruptions.

5.      When you have finished with all the ‘today’ files, go back to the first one and give it another ten minutes.

6.      Do the same with the rest of them.  Keep at it until you are satisfied. Maybe you need to discuss it with others. Do it.

7.      Tomorrow, start with the ‘tomorrow’ list and do the same thing.

Make ‘action’ a habit when decisions need to get made and projects need to be done.  Be a leader.  Just do it!

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