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imgresHave you ever been a part of a team that just “clicks together”? A team that enjoys working together and a team that has learned how to get the most out of each member?  I’ve been a part of a couple of teams like this, and it’s incredible! You realize what it’s like working with a functional group and the hardest part is that it’s easy to see when your team isn’t functioning to the best of their ability!

Building the right team takes work, discipline and time.

Keeping the right team takes a miracle!

John Maxwell talks in the latest edition of Success Magazine about how to hold on to talented employees. He shares 4 pretty simple thoughts:

#1)  Know Your Team

Relationships matter.  People don’t leave companies, they leave people.  They also stay for people.  The time you invest in creating personal connections with your team pay dividends in the long run.

#2)  Coach for Improvement

Sometimes you need to stop being a boss, and be a coach.  Become the guiding force, pushing them to excel.

#3)  Make Fun a Priority

Create an atmosphere where people can laugh, where they can have fun and where they can relax.  Be intentional about this.

#4)  Focus on Values

People can quit a job, but they find it hard to quit a cause. People want to know that what they do every day matters.  Build a team around values, not just skills.

Today, why don’t you think of something you can do that will encourage each member of your team?  Here are some simple ideas:

*Have your team share something personal at your next staff meeting:  Something that shaped them as a child, a biggest fear, someone who has influenced their life, their favorite hobby.  Something that will cause you to get to know each other in a deeper way.

*Plan a lunch together sometime this week and don’t talk about work.  Just enjoy being together.

*Ask people why they are a part of your organization/company?  What drove them to you?

*Create a Personal Development Plan with each team member, and start by having them identify growth areas for the coming 6 months.  Come up with some ideas to address these areas.

*Be available this week for individual conversations with each team member.  Make it happen.

Each of these simple ideas should become a part of your “team routine”.  Remember, it takes some effort to help people feel like they belong, like they’re important and that they have value.

This is a worthwhile investment of your time.


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