Lame Excuses

canstock16424362I have been processing the excuses I favor the most, the ones I find myself using over and over.  They seldom work…

Someone wants me to do something and I immediately respond…”I’m too busy”.
Yes, we all have stuff to do, but we also have a choice. Maybe the more honest response would be “I don’t want to do that”, because, that is usually the case.  This is the excuse of a person who thinks they and their time are more important than others.  We all think we are busy, but the question is, “Busy doing what?” I think we all have time to do what we really want to do even when it comes up at the last minute. You offer me free tickets to the game, movie, play in 30 minutes and I can do that. It’s all a matter of priorities and interest.

There I am, crowding that other driver out or eating way too fast or walking right past someone without taking the time to greet them and I tell myself…”It’s OK, I’m in a hurry”.
I always seem to be in a hurry.  I fast forward through commercials, I rush to be first in line, I run the red light, I devour food without tasting it, yes, and I ignore people who are standing right there.  Why?  Because we think we have to! In our minds there must be something more important. Are we really late for anything?  Do we really have something more important to do? Usually not!  Someone says, “slow down and smell the flowers”.  “What flowers?”, we ask as we continue to miss out on important moments and people in our lives. 

I have been listening to someone talk about nothing for a long time and I am tired of listening to that other person talk, or, their point is better than mine and to admit that I would have to admit that they (usually a family member) are right… so I just pretend…”I don’t understand, or, I don’t know what you are talking about!”.
Really, the truth is, I just don’t care, or I don’t want to get into this conversation, or I am too lazy to work at trying to understand or to admit that they are right and I am wrong. So, I pretend to want to know more or be interested, or, I ask questions, seeming to want to understand, but I am really just trying to change the subject. I really just want to get away.  So, I fake confusion hoping the whole thing will just go away.  No doubt my pride is fighting for its life.  But, do we really think we look better not being able to comprehend than we would look figuring it out and then dealing with the subject?

Someone asks me to do something that is really inconvenient or a hassle, or, it may make me vulnerable, let people see who I really am.  It may be something I am afraid to try… so I say…”I can’t and come up with a reason just as lame”.
In reality I can do it.  At least I can try.  The point is, I don’t want to do it.  Why not just say that?It’s because we want people to like us and think we are so cool.  To refuse what they are asking may offend them, or, we may make a fool of ourselves trying to do what they ask.  So, we come back with this lame response. Sometimes it’s because of some imagined injury, or not wearing the right clothing for the event, or that bone in our leg. Pathetic!

I know when I have done something that was wrong, or, could have been done a better way.  Maybe I had the wrong attitude or embarrassed myself.  But, instead of saying “I was wrong”,  I project the whole “I have a right” attitude and argument. Or, the “Everyone else is doing it” cry!

I attempt to deflect guilt of the wrong I did by trying to make it someone else’s problem. Wrong is wrong, and I know when I am wrong.  Why do I try to fudge and think I can make this lame excuse? A speed limit is a speed limit. Taxes are taxes. Right is right and wrong is wrong.  A lie is a lie, no white lies, no innocent lies, just a lie. If I am successful in accepting this lame rationale, it can lead me down a pretty dangerous path of irresponsibility. The problem is, those ‘wrongs’ will catch up with me eventually.

So, I am working hard at trying to clean those lame excuses out of my life.  I am a leader, I am an example.  I need to get rid of these lame excuses and grow up.

What are some of your lame excuses?

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