Leaders Influence

I am working on a class that I want to teach  regarding the influence a leader has.  I want to follow-up on Paul’s suggestion to Timothy in First Timothy 4:12 that he be “an example of the believer”.

Paul was saying, “show people what a believer looks like, how he acts and how he responds.  In fact, encourage people to be like you!

Leaders are believers.  They believe in what they are doing.  They believe in the purpose of their work.  They believe and that is why they are doing it.

I wonder if leaders realize how much influence they really have.  Do they know how much they are watched, listened to and copied?

Every leader leaves a legacy.  Some leave greater assets, others leave a mess.  The imprint left in other lives endures.

There is influence in just being there.  There is influence from suggestions or ideas.  Influence can be formal or informal, planned or unplanned, direct or indirect.

I am going to use this chart, with 12 good and 12 bad qualities.  I thought I may try it out on you:

GOOD LEADERS                                       BAD LEADERS

Sense of gratitude                                      Sense of entitlement

Compliment                                                Criticism

Forgive others                                             Hold a grudge

Give others credit                                        Take all the credit

Read everyday                                            Watch TV everyday

Accept responsibility                                    Blame others

Embrace change                                           Fear change

Talk about ideas                                          Talk about people

Share information                                       Hoard information

Lives with joy                                               Lives with anger

Sets and keeps goals                              Operates from the seat of pants

Always learning                                           Thinks they know it all

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.”  Napoleon Hill

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