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imagesToday is a perfect example of an issue I deal with on a regular basis. I wonder if you fall into the same trap.

I started the day by doing all of the RIGHT things:

  • I made my list
  • I determined my priorities
  • I allocated time in my schedule to get things done
  • I told the people around me my plan for productivity today

Then, I sat down and spent an hour trying to figure out where to start:

  • I cleaned my desk off
  • I emptied my trash can
  • I made a second cup of coffee
  • I watched a short video clip that showed up on Facebook that had nothing to do with anything
  • I thought about some other things I need to add to the list
  • I had another cup of coffee

I’m already over 60 minutes into the “Getting Things Done” zone, and I have no idea how to start.

Some days, it’s like this. Other days, I can just dive in and move straight into productivity

Nadia Goodman shares on entrepreneur.com that there are 3 things any of us can do that will increase our ability to focus.

I’ll share her 3 points, and I’ll comment personally on them. To read her full article, CLICK HERE.

#1) Do Creative Work First

Goodman shares, “Typically, we do mindless work first and build up to the toughest tasks. That drains your energy and lowers your focus.”

How many times do we begin our day by responding to unimportant emails and social media, by using energy that doesn’t require us to think, by doing repetitive tasks.  We are at our best when we’re fresh, when we are beginning the day and when we have the most energy.

FOCUS on the things that require the most thought, energy and creativity first.

#2) Allocate Your Time Deliberately

“Notice where and when your focus best, then allocate your toughest tasks for those moments.”

Just because we have a desk in our office, this doesn’t mean that this is where we’ll be able to be the most focused. For me, getting out of my office and walking around the block enables me to think clearly and to look at a situation from a different perspective.

FOCUS comes when you learn where you work best and when you work best.

#3) Train Your Mind Like a Muscle

“We’ve trained our brains to be unfocused”

Multitasking is a really bad habit. We often praise it, but we’ve allowed ourselves to be distracted by too many things at the same time, which limits our ability to focus and give something our full attention.

FOCUS requires us to use discipline to look at the task at hand and nothing else.

So, now I get back to the task at hand. Tomorrow I’ll try these three things and determine if I can avoid the distractions that face me every day.

What about you?


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