Learning to Focus

Zig Ziglar writes, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it everytime.”

A lesson that I continue to learn everyday is the ability to FOCUS.  It’s hard to focus.  There are so many distractions coming at us everyday that this is almost impossible.  When we’re being bombarded with information, with opportunities, with obstacles and with simple distractions, it’s difficult to remain focused.

I remember when my daughter was 5 years old and she was playing t-ball (baseball) for the first time.  In one of her more glorious moments, the ball was hit to right field where she was playing, and it rolled right past her feet.  I was yelling across the field to her to get the ball, and she was looking at a flower that was in the grass, completely oblivious to everything that was going on around her.  As the rest of the team all ran out to right field to get the ball (that’s what 5 year olds do when playing t-ball), they ran the ball in, and she continued to look at the flower and I just laughed.  I was upset that she had missed the play by staring at the flower.  She was actually 100% focused on something that was much more important to her than a baseball game…. the flower!

3 things that will help you learn to FOCUS:

#1)  STOP

You can’t focus when you’re moving at a rapid pace.  Stop and look closely at where you want to go.

#2)  GO

When you’re able to see clearly, start moving.  Fix your eyes and your heart on where you need to go, and go.

This tip sheet will give you some practical steps to focusing better.    On Staying Focused


Find some people that will come alongside you.  These friends will be able to remind you, encourage you, push you, protect you and will help you focus on the things you’ve determined you need to focus on.  Find the right people and it will really help!

This sounds so simple, but it’s not.  Everyday I’m reminded that I need to focus on the task at hand.  I make my list, I set my course, I work my goals…. then I get distracted when something interesting or more exciting comes across my desk and I forget what it is that I was trying to do.  FOCUS!

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