Leverage: Diminisher or Multiplier?

imagesI’ve been asked over the past 3 weeks by different people from different parts of the world this question: How can I build my team with the right kind of people?

I’ve provided a wide variety of answers, ideas, suggestions and some of my own experience, that has great success stories as well as some glorious failures.

I’ve been reading a book over the past number of weeks by Liz Wiseman called, “Multipliers(©2010 Harper Business).

Today I have a different answer to my friends that have asked me about how to build their team because Wiseman defines LEVERAGE in a really simple way, so I wanted to share it with you, but I also encourage you to read the full book and get the whole perspective.

Wiseman defines leaders in 2 ways:  You are either a DIMINISHER or you’re a MULTIPLIER.

I’ll share her summary from page 23 of her book:

“The Diminisher is a micromanager.  The Multiplier is an investor”


The Empire Builder – Hoards resources and underutilizes talent

The Tyrant – Creates a tense environment that suppresses people’s thinking and capability

The Know-It-All – Gives directives that showcase how much they know

The Decision Maker – Makes centralized abrupt decisions that confuse the organization

The Micro Manager – Drives results through their personal involvement


The Talent Magnet – Attracts talented people and uses them at their highest point of contribution

The Liberator – Creates an intense environment that requires people’s best thinking and work

The Challenger – Defines an opportunity that causes people to stretch

The Debate Maker – Drives sound decisions through rigorous debate

The Investor – Gives other people the ownership for results and invests in their success


Which style do you identify with most? Do you have a little of both in you? Do you want to grow in some areas?

Here’s the thought that’s really difficult for us as leaders:

Sometimes we feel that we just can’t find the RIGHT people to join our team, our vision, our cause.

The reality is that the more important question is: What kind of leader am I? What kind of people am I able to attract by the way I lead and invest in my team?

I’m convinced that if you become more of a MULTIPLIER, people will come. They will want to work with you. They will want to be a part of your vision. They will bring others with them.

If you operate as a DIMINISHER, you will have a hard time keeping your team. You’ll have a hard time motivating your team. You’ll have an impossible time attracting others to work with you.

Do some internal work before you begin looking externally for team members.

Figure out how to LEVERAGE your leadership and your team will grow.

And to my friends, asking the question: This is a great place to start!



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