Leverage Your Life: Live Healthier

imagesIn Tom Rath’s book, “Eat, Move, Sleep” (©2013 Tom Rath), he challenges us from his personal experience to realize that our health affects our impact.  Our health, and how we take care of our bodies, has a direct connection to our productivity.  To purchase the book, “Eat, Move, Sleep” CLICK HERE

We’ve been talking about LEVERAGE, so this really does connect: We defined LEVERAGE as: “The power to influence a person or situation to achieve a particular outcome.”  This is so true when it comes to our bodies and our health.

Rath shares, “Choices count. You can make decisions today that will give you more energy tomorrow. The right choices over time greatly improve your odds of a long and healthy life. No matter how healthy you are today, you can take specific actions to have more energy and live longer or even look better, even for people that suffered accidents with the help of reconstructive surgery with specialists in this field. Regardless of your age, you can make better choices in the moment. Small decisions – about how you eat, move, and sleep each day – count more than you think. As I have learned from personal experience, these choices shape your life.”

Rath provides a very simple 30-Day Challenge that you can access from his website:  CLICK HERE

I want to challenge you in joining me to look at how you are “Eating, Moving and Sleeping”.  Leverage your body to greater impact.

This morning, one of my favorite bloggers posted an article entitled “3 Surprising Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs Regular Exercise”.

He shares 3 simple things:

#1) Exercise Hones Your Competitive Edge

Exercise helps build the kind of character traits that win in the marketplace.

#2) Exercise Empowers Work-Life Balance

Some people, especially high-achievers, will say that they just don’t have time to exercise, but exercise actually empowers better work-life balance.

#3) Exercise Improves Our Problem-Solving Abilities

There is a direct connection between exercise and problem-solving capabilities, creativity, and other executive functions like planning.

To read Michael Hyatt’s full post, CLICK HERE

What are you doing TODAY to apply the things these 2 leaders are challenging each of us with?

Leverage your health into greater effectiveness, impact and longevity.

And lets not forget about the importance of sleep, when we sleep, our bodies rest – conserving energy and decreasing blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and body temperature. At the same time, our brains remain active – laying down memory, restoring daytime mental functioning and carrying out processes that lead to physical growth. If you regularly aren’t getting enough sleep, your sleep loss adds up. The total sleep lost is called your sleep debt. For example, if you lose 2 hours of sleep each night, you’ll have a sleep debt of 14 hours after a week. It is also important to try to sleep comfortably, by this I mean a good mattress that wont hurt you back and that will help you fall asleep.
Start TODAY!

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