Leveraged Lives in Canada

We’ve been talking about LEVERAGE for the past number of weeks, and have looked at many different sides of it.

Today in this post I want to talk about how one couple used LEVERAGE to create a Kingdom Impact.

IMG_6366Paul & Linda are great friends of ours from Canada. They own and operate a car dealership, and have been involved in their community and in a number of organizations over the years. They are just great people who care for others, are generous with their time and their resources, and they always ask if they can do more.

A number of years ago, Paul and Linda offered to help establish an Extreme Response registered charity in Canada to help promote the work of ER and partner with us in special projects around the world.

Now, let’s talk about LEVERAGE:

*Paul and Linda continue to operate their business. They sell cars and provide service to people, this site’s leasing tool helps their clients pick their vehicle. They have built an outstanding reputation of honesty, integrity, and service. Their business practices reflect their values and people buy from them because they know they can be trusted.

*Paul and Linda continue to be involved in their community and in other non-profit organizations. Whether it’s the local hospital or serving on the board of a global mission, they partner together to serve.

*Extreme Response Canada was established, and together they have built a charity that is making an impact around the world. They raise funds, mobilize people, tell the stories and encourage partners. Along with their ER Canada Board, they have experienced consistent growth over the years, all making a consistent impact.

Paul and Linda haven’t stopped doing anything, they have just figured out how to do more, how to balance their time, how to leverage their energy and resources, how to empower others around them to step up and step in.

But the biggest thing they have leveraged has been their lives. Not only do they serve the staff, partners and ER family around the world, but they have invested their lives in relationship. They have visited, they have served, they have helped set vision, they have coached, they have explored, they have listened, they have come alongside so many of us (I speak for many) and just helped us to do better.

Their true leverage has been in taking the time, talent and treasure that God has given them, and multiplying it in and through people around the globe.

There’s no way to adequately measure their impact. We know it’s there because of the countless people who have been impacted by Paul and Linda, and the organization that will never be the same because of their part.

Leverage isn’t a magic formula.

Leverage is taking what you’ve been given, and being good stewards of that to pursue a greater call, a greater impact, a greater purpose.

I’ve had the joy of walking with Paul and Linda for many years and I am inspired by them, encouraged by them, and amazed at their faithfulness.  I see the imprints of their lives everywhere I go. They have made a difference.

I’m challenged with the question, “How am I leveraging the things I’ve been entrusted with for greater Kingdom impact?”

All I have to do is read the story of Paul & Linda’s lives, and I can find some great ideas and an incredible example.

What about you?


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  3. Paul Cripps passed away early this morning, about 5 hours after this blog was written. This post is a simple part of a tribute that will go on for years as we celebrate Paul’s life, and as Linda continues to live and leverage the legacy they have built. Our prayers are with them today, and always.

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