Living Busy

Have you ever walked up to someone and ask them how they are and they respond, “busy”?  Do you immediately think that they must be really important?  Do you wish you could be busy too?  Do you wish that others could see you as being so important that you are “so” busy?

I remember years ago when one of my mentors, Jim Burns, shared this thought:

“Being busy isn’t a sign of success.  It’s a sin.”

When you think about this, it’s true, however it’s very counter-cultural.  Our culture places value on people that are busy, on people that have a lot of responsibility, on people that run from one thing to the next.  The reality is that while some may see this as a sign of success, it’s really a sign of their inability to manage their lives, to maintain a healthy schedule, and to know what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO once quoted:  “Success comes from saying no to 1000 things to make sure we don’t get on the wrong track or try to do too much.”   He’s right!  Sometimes it’s not about what we say “yes” to , it’s about what we say “no” to.

How are you doing today?  Are you wrapped up in the busyness of life?  There’s not a problem with having a lot to do or having a lot on your plate.  I’m talking about our continued decisions to live life without margin, without purpose and without a break.  Sometimes life is just really full.

Don’t let your life be like that all the time.  Create some space to stop, to think, to listen, to dream, to sleep, to evaluate, to ponder, to question, and to change.

Learn to say “NO” to things that are distractions in your life, in your work and in your calling.


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