Looking Ahead

Every year I take some time to do some reflection, evaluation and planning for the coming year.  I can’t believe that it’s now the middle of December, and that time is NOW!  I’m still finishing some things that I had hoped to be done with weeks and months ago.

The reality is that we are constantly in a state of moving forward, and if we’re not careful, our time simply evaporates into the things that most easily consume our energy, but this doesn’t mean that this is where we should be investing our time!

Stephen Covey talks about living a life with purpose, and making time for the things in life that are “important” but may not be “urgent”.  These things include areas of planning, evaluation, reflection, relationships and forward thinking. We have to make time to do these things or we’ll simply spend all of our time and energy doing the things that are the most pressing.

A compass is a tool that has been designed to simply tell us where “north” is.  By knowing the direction, we’re able to make adjustments in order to not get lost.

In our lives, we need a “compass” to keep us moving in the right direction.  Many of us live our lives without knowing where we’re going or how we’re going to get there.  We have to take some time to get our bearings, otherwise we will have the tendency to just spin in circles.

When we spend time in these areas:

– We learn to PRIORITIZE our lives more efficiently

– We learn to BALANCE our lives more practically

– We learn to DISCIPLINE our lives more consistently

– We learn to FOCUS our lives on the things that are important

Join me.  Be proactive in finding some time in the coming weeks to focus on these areas of your life.

I’ve put some links below to some sheets that might help you get started.

2012 is just around the corner!  What do you want to accomplish during the year that is coming!

Evaluation Questions

•Stop! Ask These Questions

Strategic Planning

Smart Goals


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