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Everyday we’re all forced to make decisions. Some of these decisions are easy to make, and some are more difficult.  A couple of years ago I wrote a post on “How To Make Good Decisions” HERE.

I was recently ready an article on, and Scott Halford shares an article entitled, “Five Tips for Making Better Decisions”.  Read the full article HERE.

In his article, the first thing he talks about is this:  STOP SEEKING PERFECTION. His point is that many of us don’t make decisions on time, or sometimes don’t make decisions at all because we’re afraid they might be the wrong decision, or we’re not sure that it’s 100% right!

As I’ve worked with leaders for years, this is something I’ve heard many times. Instead of making an “OK” decision, we don’t make a decision, which is always worse! We think that if it’s not 100% right then it’s better to not do it. That it’s why people often tend to quit their diets because they don’t see any results fast, but staying healthy is a matter of lifestyle, so it’s important to follow the best healthy diet plans.

I simply want to encourage you:  It’s never going to be 100%. It’s never going to be perfect. It’s not going to be the perfect time. As a leader, you have to do you best to make the best decision possible, given the information you have, the options you have and the support you have.

Then, the job of the leader is to see the decision through, and often this means  you’re working it out, you’re cleaning it up, you’re adjusting along the way.

Don’t be paralyzed!

I was reading the classic story this week from Matthew 14, where Jesus walks on the water. The disciples were afraid, and Jesus comforts them, and Peter makes a quick decision… he blurts out, “Lord, if it’s you, command me to come to you on the water!”.  And Jesus responds, “come”.

Peter then got out of the boat and walked to Jesus.

He made a really quick decision. Looking back on it, there were lot’s of ways this could play out, but all Peter cared about was the fact that Jesus invited him to join him on the water, so he went.

You might remember the story: Peter saw the waves, was afraid, and Jesus rescues him and walks him back to the boat.  But don’t forget this part of the story: Peter made the decision to climb out of the boat and walk to Jesus!

What would you have done had you been in that boat?

Would you have followed Peter? Would you have been paralyzed by fear? Would have been willing to do something others might think is completely crazy?

Here are some reminders when making decisions:

*You’re never going to be 100% ready or 100% right. Do your best.

*You don’t have to make decisions on your own. Get some help.

*If you make a mistake, and you will, then Make it right.


Don’t be afraid. Do what you’ve been created and positioned to do… LEAD!


The Leader as a DECISION MAKER

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