Make Time or You’ll Lose It

photoI was reminded this morning of a lesson I often ignore:

If there’s something you WANT to do, you need to MAKE the time to do it.

If you don’t MAKE the time to do it, you’ll never accomplish what you WANT to do.

This week, one of my goals was to connect with my kids and wife individually.  It’s been a busy season, and I realized that I needed to work on finding time with each of them this week.  This is a priority for me, yet sometimes I’m not sure they know that!

So, I’ve got 3 incredible kids and a wife of 26 years.  I’ve been blessed.  This is how I was able to connect with each of them this week:

Child #1:  Rheanna, 24 years old

She had mentioned that she wanted to get coffee with me to talk through some ideas she had related to work.  We settled on some time Sunday Afternoon on our back patio.  This turned into a 2 hour conversation about work, dreams, pressure, and life.  Simple!  We just sat and talked, and it was wonderful!

Daughter #2:  Raylin, 17 years old

We needed to take her car in to get the oil changed.  This was her first time doing this, so I took her in the middle of day, and showed her where to go, who to talk to, and what she needed to do, after this we also think in getting the car for some personalization at The Detailing Syndicate who are experts in this.  The bonus was that after turning her car in, we had 90 minutes to “burn”.  So, we walked 3 blocks down the street, sat at In-N-Out, had a lemonade, and this turned into some uninterrupted conversation time.  Life, her upcoming Senior year of high school, work, friends. She put her arm in mine as we walked back to pick up her car, and it was worth every minute that I was away from my office.

Wife:  Gina, married for 26 yearsat regretting any of the time I spent with my family, but I find myself wanting more!  The work will get done, and the list will get done.  I find that I’m thinking about next week and trying to figure out how I can engage with each of them again.  And again.  And again.

2 thoughts for you today:

#1)  If you WANT to do something, change your schedule and make it happen.  Don’t put it off. Don’t say you “can’t”.  Do whatever it takes to do it.

#2)  Don’t get your priorities mixed up. Remember what’s important. People are important. Your family is important. Time with them is important.  My friend Jim Burns always says, “Quality time and quantity of time is important with your family”.  Make the time for the people you care most about.

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