People Who Drive Leaders Crazy!

There are always people who you will always remember because they were the ones that made your job the most difficult.  I would guess many leaders have said, “I love my job, I love to lead, but it’s just the people I can’t stand.”  I can imagine Moses saying that at one time or another out in the wilderness.  I’m sure Paul had those thoughts as he was run out of city after city.  I’m wondering if those thoughts ever entered the mind of Jesus.  I hate to admit it, but I have thought them from time to time.

It doesn’t make any difference what decision you make, you will always hear from the people.  Often it is the same people, and sometimes their response makes sense, but often it doesn’t.

Let’s just set up a situation:  You, the leader, make an announcement as simple as, “We have decided to paint the storage shed blue.”

The fine detail person asks, “What shade of blue?”  The shade is more important than the building.

The person who wants to be in control asks, “Who made that decision?”  “Why wasn’t I asked?”  He just wants to be important.

There will always be the question, “Why waste the money, there are so many other things that need to get done.”

The person full of pride wants to know why you didn’t ask him what he thought.

The procrastinator will suggest we study this a little more… then study it again… then study something else… then discuss it.

The person who hates change wonders, “Why do we need to change the color?”

Someone will not hear correctly and will pass on, “I heard they decided to tear the building down!”

Count on it!  At one time or another you will run into these people regardless of what your decision is about.  Any decision you make, someone will disagree with it and make their disagreement public.

So, how do we deal with people that drive us crazy?

1.  Give them a full hearing so they know that they have had their moment to be heard.

2. Listen to what they say because sometimes they ask the right questions.

3.  If their opinion is not going to prevail, explain why.

4.  If you can’t explain “why”, go back to #1.

Isn’t leadership fun?

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