Picking a Leader

34941275Peter Drucker says about picking a leader:

“I always ask myself, would I want one of my sons to work under that person?”

That’s a great question.  What do you look for when you’re choosing a leader, or interviewing a future team member?

Drucker goes on to share that he looks at 3 things.  The 3 things are Druckers, the thoughts following are mine:

#1)  What have they done, what are their strengths.

Sometimes we look for people who have done great things.  That’s important.  A better question is simply, “what have you done with the opportunities you’ve had?”  Young leaders, or potential leaders show signs of that potential in small ways.  Look for people who are creative, who work hard, who think outside the box, who show initiative, and who don’t wait for others to tell them what to do.  Are they using their strengths, are they moving forward, are they doing something.

#2)  What is the one immediate key challenge in the organization and do they have the strength to meet that challenge?

Sometimes we bring people into an organization then we share the challenges or opportunities.  We need to look at this early on to see if their strengths can help us address the challenges. They go together.  I think that often we look for someone that is well-rounded, when what we really need is someone who can really address an urgent and critical need.  Don’t be afraid to bring people in for a specific task or issue.

#3)  Do they have integrity.

Drucker would say that a leader sets an example.  Be sure that the person you are bringing in is someone that others can model themselves after.  Don’t underestimate the importance of integrity, of character.

Finding the RIGHT people is much more important than finding MORE people.  I would rather take the time to find the right people, the people that fit our vision, our needs, our strategy than find people that are willing to change or adapt to our vision, needs and strategy.

Don’t rush into it.  Take your time. 

Having the right people will make all of the difference!

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