Remember Your Vision

k8476285Do you remember the scene in the movie Hook where the adult Peter Pan is being encouraged to “remember” the moment that brought him true joy, enabling him to fly again?  He had gotten so busy in life that he forgot that “JOY“.  I remember the scene well, not just because in our home this movie was a family classic, but I remember the scene because it tapped into my emotions.

Do you remember the scene in the film “City Slickers” where Billy Crystal is challenged to remember the “ONE THING“?  What is the most important thing?

This past week, while attending an organizational board meeting, I had one of those moments when I “remembered” what was important to me.  I realized that it’s so easy to lose track of the “important” and wander off into things that really aren’t connected with your vision at all.  Sitting in this meeting I remembered why it was that I’m involved in “changing the lives of people living in extreme situations” (  I remembered why coaching leaders and helping organizations develop leads to changed lives and greater impact.  I remembered.

What about you?  Do you remember?  Why do you get out of bed in the morning?  What is most important to you?

Marla Tabaka wrote a great article in Inc. Magazine ( where she helps us develop 3 Steps to Make your Vision Work for You:

#1)  Define the REAL vision. Sometimes we forget WHY we do things.  What is the higher purpose behind why you do what you do?  Don’t forget that.  Look for the REAL vision.

#2)  Connect with Pictures.  Pictures speak a thousand words. Think of a creative way to put your vision and mission into images and get that picture in front of you as often as possible.  When you’re able to SEE the big picture, that vision comes to life.  This makes it more difficult to forget it.

#3)  Step into your vision as if it “IS”. Take 2 – 3 minutes a day to reconnect with your vision.  Still your mind and gaze at your vision images.  This will help you connect to that vision in a new way every day.

Simple steps, and they will help you to REMEMBER.  Try it!

We all live in a crazy world, and we’re being pushed and shoved into many different directions every day.  Many of these things we HAVE to do, but the more we can connect with our vision, the better we’ll be able to stay on track!

Don’t forget what’s important!


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