Russ’ Replenishment Cycle

Today was my 53rd birthday. We had a wonderful BBQ yesterday with some family and friends to celebrate, then today I was able to do some things that I wanted to do.

This past year, I did a LifePlan. It was a two-day process meeting one-on-one with a LifePlan facilitator, and the process was incredible. We began by spending time gaining perspective, and from that process, I was able to develop a plan for the next stage of my life, and I actually walked out with the tools and tasks I needed to address in order to accomplish this plan. I’m excited about the next year, and the next 10 years to come, always striving to be a “better me”, more like the person I was created to be.

One of the tools I used in my LifePlan was called the “Replenishment Cycle”. The question asked of me was, “what refuels you?” I was forced to think, to dig deep, to find things in my routines and in my life that bring energy, that bring rest, that bring refreshment. It was really good for me to work through a process of defining the activities that “fill me up”, and then I was able to set some goals for how to integrate these activities more intentionally into my life.

Back to my birthday today…

I spent some time focused on “replenishing my soul”.

This is what my day looked like, but remember, it was my birthday, so I took some additional time off of work to celebrate the day!

• I slept for over 8 hours last night, I have the best mattress sizes at home, it is hard not to sleep as much. A much-needed night of FULL sleep with my pregnancy body pillow. This alludes me often, but last night, it was wonderful!

• I began the day at the gym. It was great to get my heart rate up on the treadmill, listen to a podcast, and spend some time with some weights.

• Following the gym, my wife and I had some breakfast, then we went down to the harbor to paddle board. We love to be on the water, and it was a beautiful day. Not only was it time together, but it was some light exercise and time outdoors!

• I then went to work for the afternoon, and I was energized and ready to take on a couple of key projects today.

• I got home from work, and the sun was still out, so my wife and I got on the motorcycle and went for a ride along the coast, enjoying a beautiful sunset, a great fish salad, and a really nice ride.

This isn’t my normal day, but it was my birthday. I was reminded of some things that restore me.

Looking at my LifePlan, I identified 5 key activities that I want to put into my life as often as I can:

  1. Daily Exercise
  2. Time in the Word of God
  3. Time Alone (not just being alone, but time thinking, dreaming, praying)
  4. Helmet Time. I’ve ridden a motorcycle since I was 12 years old. Some of my best thinking comes when I’m on my bike, helmet on, and I’m just cruising down the road. I need more of this!
  5. Adventure. Sometimes life just gets mundane. I need to create adventure regularly in my life.

These might not be yours, and these may change for me in the years to come, but today, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. I’m not ready to go to bed yet, because it was a really good day. I’m ready for tomorrow, and ready to continue to learn to put these things into my life as often as possible.

What replenishes your soul? What routines have you forgot about or ignored? What are some simple things you can do to rediscover these life-giving activities?

6 thoughts on “Russ’ Replenishment Cycle”

  1. Joe Kranzberg

    Enjoyed reading your post. Hope you are able to have more days like this. This is what I need to do more.

  2. good stuff . . . thanks for setting the example! maybe I need to take some time today to work on my Life Plan! 🙂

  3. This was great! I’m going through the book now. Elisa and I spent all day going thru it – and we made our life plan. It’s pretty thorough.

    Thanks for your example.

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