Say No to Say Yes

P40B-man-with-board-saying-noWe all want to GET THINGS DONE. There is nothing as frustrating as seeing things stagnate, fall through the cracks or going south.

If you want to get things done you need to know what those things are.

In order for us to do that, we need to stop and decide what our priorities are and stick with it…and to say “no” to everything else.

Here are 4 reasons why saying “no” is a blessing

  • Getting others to step up

Someone once told me that I should not “rob” my team from opportunities to grow and take risks. At first I did not know what this meant, later I realised that it was all about smart and intentional delegation. If we say no it will give others the opportunity to step up. This is not saying no to tasks that we want to avoid, but to the things that are not important for ME to do. The results will be amazing – the development of the others around you. A warning: If others step up it will probably look a bit different that when you do it – but isn’t that what we want? Creativity, Growth, New Ideas?

  • Say yes to what is more important

It is crazy how much of our time can easily be consumed with issues that are not important or not our core business. When last have you taken time to pray about, evaluate and list the things that you believe God wants you to focus on? The other day a man cancelled on an speaking engagement he committed to a long time ago and his answer was simply this: “I am so sorry, I’ve realized that I had to come back to my main calling”. I was not upset, in fact, I had so much respect for him.

  • It kills the people pleaser in me

If we have to be honest, many of us struggle to say no because we do not want to “let others down”. This, friends, in the deepest form, is pride. Therefore, even if it is only for this reason – to kill the people-pleaser in me, it is reason enough to say no. We cannot please everyone. Even our Lord Jesus said no to a lot of people, He was only set on pleasing his Father in Heaven through doing what He was called to do.

  • To be healthy/balanced

A result of not saying no is that it brings health and balance in our lives. The tendency is for people to always expect a lot from leaders and the sad result is unhealthy, overworked and tired leaders. The sad reality is that the ones that really suffer under this are the closest people and most important people – our families. It is possible to live a healthy, balanced life where you have margin in your day, intentional time with family and energy.

We need to say no to the unimportant things so that we can say yes to the things that really matter.


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