Scream At Me!

imagesAllow people to scream at you!!

Leaders fail for many reasons.  Sometimes they fail in large, public, embarrassing ways and people say, “I told you so!”.  Sometimes they fail in small, insignificant ways and people say, “How in the world did that happen?”

Let me suggest seven things to have your spouse or your friends watch for as you serve as a leader. Give them permission to scream out when they see any one of these in you, because it will lead to failure.

1. When you start using people and cherishing things. When you get those two turned around. When you only have time for people who can do something for you.

2. When you shield yourself from the people you serve by putting layers of people between you that they have to get past to see you. When you become too important to be available to the people. When you refuse to talk with someone.

3. When you need to take your special people with you if you go somewhere, people you just can’t get along without. Your entourage. The people who serve you and make you feel good.

4. When you stop laughing. When everything becomes serious. When you can’t allow yourself to make mistakes and need to blame someone for every failure.

5. When no one can please you. When you find fault in everything anyone does except you. When you stop appreciating other people.

6. When you are too important to do the little things. When you are really offended when they ask.

7. When you stop learning and become the expert. When you talk more than you listen. When you see yourself as the only one who really knows or understands.

When any of these start dwelling in your heart and come out in your leadership style, you are on your way to failure.  It’s not too late if you are willing to get back in touch with why you became a leader and what your purpose is, if you are willing to see yourself as a servant/leader.

The scream of a friend may save your leadership!

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