Different Types of Boards for Different Organizations

When you speak of board leadership and accountability, it becomes very important to understand what the board’s responsibilities are.  Some boards have not defined the role of the board or, more importantly, the role of the board members. That can greatly frustrate an organization and especially its leaders.  There are many different types of ‘Boards”. …

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Be a Class Act

Commit to being a class act and watch success follow! Last night, I was having dinner with some new friends, when I discovered that I had known one of their fathers years ago.  My first, immediate response was to say, “He was a class act!” This morning I opened my newspaper and read Harvey Mackay’s …

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Follow the Leader

Do you remember playing the game, “Follow the Leader” when you were a kid?  Pretty simple really…. someone is put in the “leader” role, and everyone else lines up behind them and follows, mimicking everything they do.  When the game gets a little boring, someone else is put in the front as the leader, and …

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