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Multiplication Always Surprises Me!

I just returned from helping to lead a leadership training event in South Africa with good friends and partners, and again, I’m surprised by how easy it is to encourage and help others! The room was full of 40 leaders

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Community Again

I’m getting ready to connect with a community that I’ve been a part of for the past 8 years.  I’m getting excited about seeing these friends again, about spending the week together, and learning together.  This is a global community

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Life is Spinning

Have you ever tried to keep a bunch of different plates spinning?  It’s difficult to do. You leave one to pay attention to another, and it falls.  Then another falls.  Then another falls. Then there’s chaos. Does this sound like

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Living Busy

Have you ever walked up to someone and ask them how they are and they respond, “busy”?  Do you immediately think that they must be really important?  Do you wish you could be busy too?  Do you wish that others

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