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Grow Your Influence

I just participated in a week-long leadership event where we spent the week talking about the power of our influence and we defined what this looks like and we spent time applying it to each of our contexts. For anyone

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What is your Company Culture?

Over time, every company and organization has to redefine their “culture”. Christopher Hann writes in Entrepreneur Magazine:  “Company culture often derives directly from the personal and professional values of the founder or CEO, which means that it’s unique for every

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Organizational Culture

Maintaining a consistent organizational culture is difficult to do when you are experiencing growth. Companies that franchise spend a lot of money to ensure that their culture and product quality are transferred to every new location, and they have a

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Barriers to Successful Global Leadership

Recently, I was doing some research on how global organizations operate effectively, and I came across an article by Kevan Hall of Global Integration.  He has identified 5 barriers to successful global leadership, and I found myself intrigued by the

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I’ve been thinking this week about what it means to be “transformed”.  The image from the last Transformers movie comes to mind as Optimas Prime “transforms” from a semi-truck into the towering robot.  It’s actually a great illustration of transformation. 

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