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On Being Generous

I’ve had the privilege of having some very “generous” leaders in my life. They people have invested into my development, they’ve invested in my cause, and they’ve gone above and beyond to see me succeed, sometimes to the detriment of

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Leadership Styles III: Deep or Wide?

We’re talking about Leadership Styles.  We’ve looked at: *Raging Waters or Calm Water: What kind of water do you prefer? *Settler or Pioneer: How do your gifts and strengths define you? Today I want to ask a really simple question:

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Working with Younger Leaders

I realized something this week.  I have always thought of myself as a “young” or “youthful” leader.  I’m full of energy, life, vision and passion.  I’m moving forward and excited about the direction God’s taking me in. But… Even though

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Get Off The Couch

So, there we sit, watching the game.  Arguing with calls made, shouting instructions to players, disagreeing with the coach.  Coke in one hand, chips in the other, sitting on our couch, walled in by things that make us comfortable and

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Coaching and Mentoring

I was asked recently what I thought the difference was between “coaching” and “mentoring”. This caused me to think about some specific people in my life over the years that have played a part in my personal growth and development.

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Be Aware of the Power of Influence

Most of us have not been formally mentored. We have not had a great, successful leader take us under their wing and teach us to lead.  They have not gone step by step through the various situations we will encounter

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