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Encouraging Your Leaders

I used to think the best way to encourage my leaders was to always have the right answers for them, to be the “fix it” guy. I learned early on in marriage that most of the time, my wife didn’t

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The Four Needs of Leaders

This next week, I will host our 7th Leader Mundial (global) Leadership Summit.  I’m excited that we will be hosting this in the United States for the first time and that we’ll be holding it at the Winshape Retreat, which

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Lessons from the Past

John of the Cross (1542) and I share a birthday. We were both born on January 24th.  We are not twins, I was born almost 400 years after he was, but, we are brothers in our spiritual journey although we

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Making Plans

Someone in the crowd said, “If you want to see God smile, just tell Him your plans!”  The others laughed.  I didn’t.  I thought about people who have to plan every day, in many different areas, because of their responsibilities

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