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How to END a Partnership

We never really talk about this because we don’t want to consider that the partnership might now work out, however there are many reasons for partnerships to not continue forward. Here are a couple: There’s no NEED for the Partnership

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Rushing Into Partnership

We all believe that having a healthy strategic partnership is a great thing but many times we rush into partnership without asking some really important questions first. I had an early experience in “partnership building” while in college. I remember

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Are You Ready for a Partner?

Today my wife and I are celebrating 26 years of marriage.  That’s a long time! Over dinner last night, we talked about our marriage and talked about things that we want to work on in the coming years, and celebrated

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3 Steps to Innovation

I was reading an article in the latest edition of “Fast Company Magazine”( that was reviewing the worlds 50 most innovative companies. It was an intriguing article that simply highlighted things that global companies were doing to reinvent themselves. In

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Learning about Partnerships

I’ve been in partnership with many different people and countless organizations over the past 25 years.  In some ways, I would even call myself some kind of an “expert” in partnerships.  I know how they work and I see great

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