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I’m Tired of Being Hacked!

I’m Tired of Being Hacked! This week I found out I was hacked twice. In one case, an account was accessed and they tried to access my full personal account. In another case, someone got into a blog I had

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Planning Begins With Perspective

We’re talking about PLANNING, and an important aspect of planning comes early in the process, and it’s called PERSPECTIVE. I recently attended a training course, and one of the thoughts I came home with as this: “Perspective before Planning” Tom

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It’s Time for a Kick!

Being creative takes work. Sometimes I just want to do things the easy way, the simple way, the way that requires the least amount of effort. Sometimes I don’t even care if what I’m doing has meaning, I just want

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The other day my wife, Barb, read me a devotional from the book she reads daily.  She thought I needed to hear it after my mumbling and grumbling the night before about a problem I detected that needed to be

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