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Encouraging Your Leaders

I used to think the best way to encourage my leaders was to always have the right answers for them, to be the “fix it” guy. I learned early on in marriage that most of the time, my wife didn’t

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Good Partnership Isn’t Selfish

I was reading a tip sheet from our website on Unhealthy Partnerships and was thinking more about why it’s so hard for partnerships to be healthy and successful. It comes down to one thing: selfishness Selfish is defined as:  “Lacking consideration

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You Can’t Do It Alone

Why do we keep believing that as LEADERS we can do it on our own? We can’t!  There’s no way for us to create great impact, sustainability and process without the help of others. In the book, “The Truth About

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Be an “ASKER”

I remember sitting around a large table with a group of people.  My wife and I were the invited guests, we were in a noisy restaurant, and after our meal, we were sitting and listening to a lot of people

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