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COMMUNITY: 2 Are Better Than One

I was performing a wedding a couple of weeks ago, and I shared this verse with the newly married couple. It comes from Ecclesiastes and this is The Message translation, chapter 4 verses 9 – 12: “It’s better to have

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Be A Stretcher Bearer

I remember the talk clearly. Michael Slater was speaking in our university chapel, and he used Mark 2 as his scripture. You can read the story, but it’s the story of some friends that carried their friend to Jesus to be healed,

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Managing Through Crisis

“Managing Through Crisis” is different from “Leading Through Crisis”. Leading means you step up, take control, and navigate through the crisis. You do this because you’re the leader. You do this because you are responsible to get through the crisis

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Basic Coaching Habit #10: Always Encourage

34 Leaders from 10 countries joined together for four days and developed these “Basic Coaching Habits for anyone asked to be a “coach”.  When coaching someone, we must: #8)  Always Encourage.  Make sure the other person always leaves our conversation

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On Being Motivated

Do you ever just run out of energy and you have a hard time moving forward?  I do, all the time.  The alarm goes off in the morning, and the last thing I want to do is get out of

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Sharpened – Accountable – Connected

Recently I watched the award-winning series, “Band of Brothers“, for the third time.  What incredible action.  What amazing heroes.  What an astonishing story!  For those who don’t know, it is a 10-part miniseries based on the book by Stephen Ambrose. 

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