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Be Thankful In Your Fundraising

We celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States tomorrow, and it’s a day that’s set aside for us to stop and be thankful for all that God has done for us and provided for us. Of course, we celebrate this

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The Habit of Being Thankful

Here’s a great habit (#4) to work on…BEING THANKFUL!  We don’t usually do this naturally, but it is something that every leader must be able to do as a reaction to events that happen around them every day, events that

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#1) Understand the Role of the Leader

The Seven Goals of Success First goal:  Understand the role of the leader. You have now discovered that you have some leadership skills, or have been given a leadership position and are either flattered, excited or scared to death.  Leadership

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I don’t hear of too many leadership courses that include a unit on joy.  But, joy is such a vital quality and example for a leader. I have been learning a lot about joy these days.  They are talking about

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