The Biggest Servant

Yesteday I took my daughter to McDonalds for an ice cream.  One forgets that going to McDonalds in most of the world is going to a place for middle to upper class people.  Almost everyone in this McDonalds was dressed in suits and dresses.  My daughter bought a delicious swirled ice cream cone.

While we were sitting there talking, a little girl came up who clearly lived on the streets.  She was selling breath mints to make enough money to eat, although she would probably  be forced to give the money to her mom who was watching from close by, and this money is often used for drugs.  The ice cream cost me 75 cents, so I had 25 cents sitting on the table.  I asked the girl her name, and she said Carly.  “How old are  you” I asked.  She said 5 (she liked like she was 3 years old).  I had to make a decision, do I help her or not?  If i help will the money go to drugs or alcohol for her mother?

I chose to give her the measly 25 cents.  A few minutes passed and I saw her with a small Coke in her hand from McDonalds, with a huge smile on her face.  She had just wanted a drink.

Often I get so caught up in becoming the best leader I can be by reading books, studying the Bible and going to seminars.  Sometimes I forget that Jesus taught that if we were to be the best leaders, we would have to follow His example and be the biggest servants (John 13).

Jesus further says that if we serve Him in His disguises by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and in prison, then we would have eternal life.  If we do not do these things, we will go to eternal punishment. (Matthew 25).

In the book called “When Helping Hurts”, it says, “The Bible’s teachings should cut to the heart of North American Christians.  By any measure, we are the richest people ever to walk on planet earth. Furthermore, at no time in history has there ever been greater economic disparity in the world than at present.”  (When Helping Hurts, pg. 42)

What are you going to do about it?  Matthew 25 makes it clear that helping indirectly is not enough.  We must help directly.

Indirectly we can help by giving so that others can help the needy.  Directly we must get our hands dirty, our hearts moved, our Christ-like attitude improved.  Jesus doesn’t say, “if you send money you will have eternal life.”  He does say, “The King will reply, truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”  (Matthew 25:40  NIV).

What about you?

*Here are 3 organizations that help meet the needs of these kinds of children:

Rich was born in Ecuador to missionary parents (Milton and Patricia Brown). He graduated from the Alliance Academy, where he met his wife Elisa Shannon (daughter of missionaries from Argentina, Jack and Jean Shannon). Both graduated from Toccoa Falls College. Rich graduated with a degree in Missiology. Rich and Elisa were married in 1990, and less than a year later, moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, where Rich served as youth pastor at North Ridge Church for almost four years. During that time, he finished the ordination process with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and graduated with a Masters Degree from Wheaton Graduate School in Biblical and Theological Studies. In 1995, Rich and Elisa moved to Peru, where they served for ten years as youth pastor missionaries in four different churches in Lima and Trujillo. Rich also taught in the Bible Seminary in Lima and Trujillo. He was the Executive director of the Seminary in Trujillo for one year. He taught World Views, Evangelism, The Book of Hebrews, and Missions, among other courses. In 2005, Rich and Elisa became regional youth missionaries in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia. In 2006, they started Inca Link and that organization is now serving in four countries (Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and the United States). Rich´s calling is to reach the 300 million youth in Latin America with Christ´s irresistible love. Rich and Elisa have four children who have been intimately involved in the Browns’ ministry: Olivia, Michaela, Josiah & Alexa.

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