The Four Needs of Leaders

imageThis next week, I will host our 7th Leader Mundial (global) Leadership Summit.  I’m excited that we will be hosting this in the United States for the first time and that we’ll be holding it at the Winshape Retreat, which is an incredible training center in Rome, Georgia.  Winshape is the foundation of Chick-fil-A, and they care about training leaders!

After taking some time in 2004 to research a variety of leaders around the world, Leader Mundial was launched in 2005 to address 4 needs that were identified in leaders.  I believe that leaders EVERYWHERE share these needs.  These aren’t the only things they need, but they share these with other leaders.


Every leader needs to be trained.  There is always something else that can be learned.  Our world is changing so quickly, and we have to be equipped, challenged and taught in order to be as effective as possible.  We can’t get stagnant.


Every leaders needs access to resources that help them do their job better.   Books, blogs, websites, finances, networks, and libraries are just a few examples of resources that leaders need.  We need to be learners and we need to challenge others to learn.  Resources help us to do that.


Leaders need coaching in their lives.  This comes from people that have more experience or who have an expertise in a given area.  We can learn a lot from resources & training, but we learn the most when we are able to engage with someone that wants to invest in us as leaders.  Coaching enables this.


Leadership is lonely.  Leaders need to connect with other leaders that are going through some of the same things.  Community provides relationships, support, friendship and it helps us to take our eyes off of ourselves and be a part of something bigger!

Don’t you want these things?

The purpose of the Leader Mundial Summit is to provide these things to leaders, and to help position leaders and organizations for greater global impact.

Being a part of this Community has impacted my life, my leadership and my vision. I’m a better leader because of the people that are a part of this Community.   Do you have a Community that you are a part of?  Do you engage with other leaders on a regular basis?  Are you looking for ways to meet these 4 needs in your life?

I want to encourage you to not be content with where you are in your leadership.  God desires our best, and this takes work.

This year, we will:

*Provide Leadership Coaching Communities in Atlanta, Quito-Ecuador, Manila-Philippines, Cape Town-South Africa

*Provide online resources through LeadonEsources

*Launch our Leadon Certified Coaching Network

*Do whatever we can to come alongside leaders, helping them last and have the most effective impact possible!



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