The Hurry Hurt

imgresIf you are like me, things have changed.  Everything is a rush these days.

If I have to go to the city I want someone in the car with me so I can use the Diamond lane, the one that lets me go faster than the other cars just because I have two people in the car plus I just got it fix at the shop. I hate when I have to merge with those other cars.

When I go through security at the airport I rush to use the ‘pre-TSA’ line because you don’t have to take off your shoes or jacket and you get through faster, Learn more about other comfortable shoes that can make you go faster. Then you can wait.

I love those ‘self check’ exits at some hardware stores where you scan your own items, pay and get out quickly.

I really like it when they open a new check-out line at the store and call me over first to use it.

I like those updates I get for my computer that causes it to do things faster. And, those toll roads that let me bypass the other traffic and get home faster.

We are a generation that has come to expect things to happen fast, in fact, we are even faster at losing our patience.

Our culture is a culture of ‘hurry’ and we run our organizations the same way. Our deadlines, strategies, calendars, automatic alerts, and electronic devices all drive us to hurry.

We hurry through friendships, meetings, even moments of satisfaction.  We just don’t have time to celebrate, concentrate or dream. Our whole world is one of hurry.

We get mad if the car in front of us sits at the stop sign too long.  We get upset with that person in the line ahead of us who can’t find the right change.

We constantly check our mobile devices just to make sure we are not missing something, like what we are currently doing isn’t important enough.  We need to hurry to something more important. It is expected that every email, text, or phone message has to be answered now.

In our organizations, speed is good, but great execution is better. Personal attention is wonderful.  Real interest is refreshing. Giving me some of your time is a gift.

So, maybe it is time to rethink how we spend some of our time.  Try one of these today and see how you feel about it:

1.     Roam around a bit and greet people.

2.     Listen carefully to others and ask questions.

3.     Enjoy the other person, give them value.

4.     Focus on quality, not speed.

5.     Don’t schedule so tight…leave some free time.

6.     Start laughing again, at yourself and with others.

7.     Say something kind to a stranger or thank them for something.

I know you don’t have time to do this…so hurry and get it done.  You will be glad you did!

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