The Lost Art of Celebration

imgresThe other day, I was standing in a small sandwich shop and watched this whole thing take place:

A girl was taking orders, and a lady came in with a large bouquet of flowers. She handed them to the girl at the counter and left. The girl read the card, screamed, and immediately broke into tears. She was happy! She was surprised! I have no idea what the card said, but the entire shop stopped and watched her reaction.

Nearby where I was standing there were 2 other employees. They also saw this take place, and as the girl was reacting, one of these employees said to the other, “Why does she get flowers?” and the other employee responded, “It’s not fair. I should get flowers.”  The girl with the flowers came over to show her fellow employees and they both ignored her and turned their backs to her. You could see her disappointment for a moment, than she went back to the register and continued to cry and smile as she took the next person in lines order.

As I stood there, I found myself wondering what the full story was. Why would these employees have reacted this way? What was their relationship like with this girl? Was this normal jealousy, or was there more to the story?

I finally concluded that it didn’t really matter.  What they should have done was to celebrate with her. No matter what their issues, they should have responded positively. This was a co-worker, and something really nice had just happened to her. They should have responded better.

I then began to think about how I react when great things happen to other people.

There are times when my first reaction is jealousy or when I wonder why I didn’t get the same.  Shame on me!

I want to celebrate when others win!

I want to celebrate with others are blessed!

I want to celebrate when great things happen to other people!

Here are 5 ways to celebrate with others:

#1) When there’s something to celebrate, STOP what you’re doing and give it some attention.

#2) When there’s something to celebrate, SMILE and show that you’re happy for them.

#3) When there’s something to celebrate, SHARE the news with others… pass it on!

#4) When there’s something to celebrate, REFLECT on things that you have to celebrate instead of CRITICIZE others.

#5) When there’s something to celebrate, GO OVERBOARD WITH PRAISE.

I have learned that when something great happens to someone else, the best thing I can do besides celebrating with them, is to remember how blessed I am. God is good. There are so many reasons for me to celebrate and be thankful. This doesn’t mean that everything is always wonderful, but I need to remember the wonderful things that have come into my life and the incredible people who have invested into my life.

I have much to celebrate!


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