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The year was 1986.  I was a new youth pastor in Los Angeles, and I basically had no idea what I was doing.  I was looking for some help and training, and desperately needed to learn from others that had more experience.  This was in the days “BEFORE INTERNET“.  I couldn’t Google “great youth group activities” or “helping students in crisis” and get some ideas or support.  I had a couple of people to talk to, but I was on my own.  I heard about a Youth Workers Conference in Los Angeles, and I went and was blown away to find a room of 2,500 other youth workers, many of them the same as I was.  We spent 4 days learning, listening, finding resources and being encouraged.  It was incredible!  Youth Specialties was instrumental in helping me with resources for my growing youth ministry during those days.  I then found another resource with Jim Burns, and was able to attend one of the early “Trainers of Trainers” conferences, sitting with 25 other youth workers and processing our personal lives, ministry, strategic goals for youth work, and being equipped by some seasoned youth workers was an amazing opportunity, and it changed my life as a youth worker, as a husband and father, and it helped to clarify the course of my life, leadership and passion.  These 2 events changed me in 1986 and 1987 and I’ll always be grateful.

During our time living in South America, I continually ran into leaders that were desperate for resources and training, much like I was in 1986.  They want the opportunities to learn, yet training & conferences are expensive, and they often aren’t available to many leaders, especially Global Leaders living in remote parts of the earth.

Today we have the Internet, which has really changed everything.  While personal training and coaching is preferred because of the relationship that develops and the personal connection, the Internet provides access to resources that weren’t available 20 years ago.

I value resources I’m able to access on the Internet and find time in my schedule to research help, find tools that I can share, and improve my leadership.

The Leadon Esource pages have been created to help provide free resources to leaders around the world.  We’re targeting leaders anywhere that simply need some help in their personal leadership or in their organizational impact.  We’re not trying to be the ONLY answer, we’re just trying to provide some additional options to people who need help.

We’ve been building content this year.  We launched in July of 2012, and today we have 234 tip sheets or resource pages and 133 posts.  I don’t expect you to read everything that crosses your computer.  We are building content so that when leaders around the world need help, we can help to provide that, we can be a source of help, encouragement and resource.

Thanks for visiting our pages.  Thanks for passing articles, blogs and tip sheets along.  Please mention us to others.

Our goal is to “help position leaders and organizations for greater global impact”.

I had the opportunity to learn when I was a young leader.  We want to help those that don’t have many opportunities, just by providing some resources that might help them function a little better, which helps them have a greater impact!

Thanks for journeying with us!


Leadon Esource

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