Today Only Comes Once.

You do realize, don’t you, that while you are reading this, the words you said a hour ago can never be pulled back or corrected.  You can try, but they are gone.  And, that opportunity you had yesterday to do something you have wanted to do, but you didn’t think you had time, may never come again.  It may be awhile before your child, that one who is a little distance from you, again asks if you have a minute to talk.  Or, it may be days before your wife asks if you are busy, because she had something she needed to say to you.

You just never get to replay life.  There is no rewind or reverse to the clock as the minutes tick by.  This moment comes once in a whole lifetime.

So, how should I live these moments?

1. Listen to what is being said.  Don’t ignore something because you are preoccupied. Most men think they are great multi-taskers, but we aren’t, and where we fail is usually listening.  Listen to the conversation.  Listen to the request.  Don’t do something distracting while the other person is talking.  Stop and listen, turn off the TV, put down the paper, look at them and listen to what they are saying.  They may never say it again.

2. Think about that comment, or conversation, or request, or opportunity.  Don’t just dismiss it because of something you think is more important.  You will always be busy, but you get to decide what you want to be busy doing.  Take time to think it through. Look at it from different angles.  Try to figure out what the other person really wants or needs.

3. Ask yourself some questions:
Is this more important than what I am doing?
What if I do it?  What if I don’t?
Wonder if this opportunity never comes again?
Could I be sorry I didn’t do this?

4. Chose to live today!  You have one life and you only live today once.  Your child will only be at this point for a short while.  Your wife will grow older with you and she will change.  So will you.  Live life.  Take advantage of the opportunities you have.

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