Trust Builds Confidence

17472956-a-round-green-button-in-metal-and-light-reading-trust-meI just had an incredible experience at the Apple Store (  I went in to purchase an adapter for my computer, and was looking for someone to help me pay for it and check out.  A guy approached me, and he simply said, “you know you can pay for that on your phone, don’t you?”  I asked him what he meant, and he told me that I could “check out” on my own with my phone.  He then proceeded to show me how to access the Apple Store App, scan the adapter I was purchasing, and charge it to my credit card, which is stored in my iTunes account.  Within a minute, I had scanned and approved the purchase, the receipt was emailed to my phone, and I walked out of the store.

Before I left, I asked him why they would do this?  Why would they give people the option to purchase their own items and walk out?  He explained that during the holiday season, they are really busy, and they don’t want people to have to wait in line to purchase something. They want to keep their customers happy, and they he said these words….”We trust people”.

I left, and have been thinking about his statement since leaving the store. They trust people, and because of that trust, they are going to make being a customer in their store as easy as possible.

Here’s the question:

Do you operate your organization this way?  Do you generally “trust” people or do you “distrust” people?

Trust is the foundation of any team and every organization.  We all long to be a part of “trusting teams” where we are able to work together in a healthy way.  We’ve also all been a part of teams where trust didn’t exist.   You need to spend time building trust.

Mindtools shares 6 Strategies for Building Trust:

#1)  Lead by Example:  Show your people who you trust others.

#2)  Communicate Openly:  Teach your team to speak honestly to each other.

#3)  Know Each Other Personally:  Spend time getting to know each other.

#4)  Don’t Place Blame:  Don’t point fingers, we all make mistakes.

#5)  Discourage Cliques:  Cliques undermine trust in a group.

#6)  Discuss Trust Issues:  Talk together about your trust level and adjust based on need.

Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Believe in them.  Expect from them.  You might be surprised with how they rise up to the challenge!


“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don’t trust enough.”  Frank Crane

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