What a Leader Needs Now

395In a recent edition of INC. Magazine (www.inc.com), Leigh Buchanan writes an interesting article talking about  traits that are needed in leaders today.  Many of these traits have been considered feminine in the past, but the article explains that organizations where leaders exhibit these traits experience greater results and create a better work environment.

As a leader, how do you do with these?

1)  EMPATHY:  Being sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others

2) VULNERABILITY: Owning up to one’s limitations and asking for help

3) HUMILITY: Seeking to serve others and to share credit

4) INCLUSIVENESS:  Soliciting and listening to many voices

5) GENEROSITY: Being liberal with time, contacts, advice, and support

6) BALANCE: Giving life, as well as work, its due

7) PATIENCE: Taking a long-term view

Good leadership is an ART.  We need to be able to use all of our natural traits in our leadership, but also need to be able to adapt to the style of leadership that is most effective in today’s work environment.  This means that we learn from others, we push ourselves into areas where we’re not so comfortable, and we do what needs to get done in order to fulfill the vision and purpose of our organization.

Be a leader that is willing to grow.

Start by looking at these 7 traits above.  Do you have some space for growth in these areas?


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