What does “Leadon” mean?

I’ve met many leaders around the world that I would classify as “reluctant leaders”.  A “reluctant leader” is someone who has the ability and a faculties to lead, but they hesitate or they have to be pulled into leadership.

There is a classic illustration of a reluctant leader in the Bible in Exodus chapter 3.  God comes to meet Moses, and in verse 7, God tells Moses about a plan He has to bring His people out of captivity in Egypt.  Moses begins his response to God in verse 11, questioning the plan, questioning who he was, and the conversation continues with Moses trying to come up with excuses to keep him from having to respond to God’s plan.  In chapter 4 verse 13 after much debate, Moses pleads with God to just send someone else.  God isn’t happy. He’s prepared Moses for this time, for this opportunity in leadership.  This is the day!  Moses finally agrees to go, and we know the rest of the story.  God uses Moses to bring His people out of captivity.  God’s plan prevails!

Are you a reluctant leader?  Do you have to be convinced to lead?  Are you unable to make quick and bold decisions?  Does someone need to drag you into the leadership role you’ve been created to do?

I remember sitting with a leader in Asia, and after a long discussion, I simply said to him…. “LEADON”.  What I was saying was:  stop making excuses, stop waiting for other people, stop assuming that others will lead with the same passion you have…. LEADON!

For the reluctant leader in you, leadon.  Don’t  wait, don’t force others to force you.  If you’ve been given an opportunity to lead, leadon!

The Leadon Esource Pages have been created to give tools, resources and support to emerging leaders around the world that need some help and encouragement.  Instead of making excuses, learn from others and LEADON!

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