What’s Your Legacy?

This past week, I spent an unexpected day on a road in the middle of nowhere, and we came upon an old gold mine that was over 150 years old. We walked around the old mine, looked and imagined what that place might have been like, and we heard some stories of the 500 miners that lived there during a season in time when this mine was booming.

The thing that caught me was the simple realization that people will tell the story of this mine for years and years.  We saw people drive in, snapping pictures and enjoying this hidden piece of history.

On the drive home, I reflected a little on “my legacy”.  Will people be talking about me 150 years after I die?  What will people remember about me and what will they pass on to others?  I’m not afraid of being forgotten, but I also realize that there are some things that I want to be remembered for.  How am I doing on that?

John Maxwell shares, “Too often, leaders put their energy into organizations, buildings, systems or other lifeless projects, but only PEOPLE live on after we are gone.  Everything else is temporary.”

Sometimes legacy just happens.  Sometimes, you need to work on it.  Here are a couple of challenges:

*Dream about your Legacy

What do you want to leave to others?  What do you want to be remembered for?  What impact do you want to have on your kids, on their kids, on the generations to come?  Sometimes we just don’t think enough about this.  Be intentional.  Dream about the things that you are positioned to do, clarify what is important to you.

*Live your Legacy

As Maxwell shares, we often pour so much energy into things that don’t matter in the long-run.  Live your legacy.  Start today by pouring into those around you.  Be intentional.

*Value your Legacy

A legacy isn’t something you can just make up.  It comes from your core, the innermost part of your soul that drives everything you do, your values and your focus.  This comes from God.  He has created you for a purpose and He wants you to fulfill all that He created you to be.  Don’t try to be something that you’re not.  Don’t try to create a legacy that isn’t you.  Search your soul, your life, God’s call on you.   Be genuine, be consistent, be faithful.

People often remember you not for what you DO, but for who you ARE.

What’s your legacy?

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