Who Moved My Cheese – Making Change Work For You

draft_lens5303372module44423312photo_1246865297swiss_cheese1Change is something that we go through often. I just had a child graduate from College. Her life has changed and will change. I have a son graduating from High School in a month. If he only knew the change that he will have to live! All 4 of our kids were just born yesterday (it seems like) and changed our lives completely. In our organizations there is constant change as well.

If you have never seen the 15 minute blurb on “Who moved my cheese” it is very interesting. It comes from a book by Spenser Johnson. The movie can be seen HERE.  The audio book can be found HERE. To purchase the book, CLICK HERE.

The principles have to do with the fact that we are in constant change. We need to be able to adapt and change to our circumstances around us. God has created a world where things constantly change, evolve, transition and grow. That is part of the beauty of this life.

Most of us would rather find a comfort zone, get used to it, not have to move and never change. However, God has set us up in an environment where change is constant and will help us grow.

This morning I read a quote from George Bernard Shaw in the book, The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch. “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man” (page 19).

The world, our organizations and our families need leaders who are not only ready and willing to confront change, but ready and willing to change the world. The progress the world needs can be found as we persistently adapt things around us to ourselves. Yes, we have to adapt in transition and change, but we can also be proactive to make change work for us.

Instead of worrying about change and how this will affect you think about how you can make change be beneficial to you and your life.

Richard Koch in The 80/20 Principle, pg. 20, quotes Joseph Ford, “God plays dice with the universe. But they´re loaded dice. And the main objective is to find out by what rules they were loaded and how we can use them for our own ends.” As a Christian leader I would add – to find out what rules they are loaded with and how we can use them for the Kingdom of God.

Our main objective is to navigate through change, and see the rules that God has put into place to see how we can use them to benefit His kingdom, our lives and the world.

In a little over a month our family is packing up everything we own, storing it for at least a year, and moving to another country. We will then have to buy things, figure out what to do about transportation, visiting family, and set up shop for one year in the new country. Talk about change – this is going to be a crazy summer. One of my kids is getting married, one of my kids just finished her first year of college, and one of our kids will be home schooled. This plus the graduations, weddings I am performing, speaking engagements, major moves and travel that we will experience.

As I look forward to this change I am nervous yet excited. Nervous because it´s going to be a crazy summer. Excited because we can proactively make this change have a greater impact for God, the world and ourselves.

What change do you have in your life this summer?

How can you make it produce fruit in you, others and the world?

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