Working Together

Fatima is 25 and has no feet and her husband Ahman is 26 and he has no arms.  Together they work as artists.

The point is not what they don’t have.  It is how they use what they do have.

God was the one who said it wasn’t good for man to be alone.

So, what makes us think that we can lead alone?  We need to use the resources God has given us…. others!

There are three things we need to consider:

#1)  A leader has to look at his responsibility as one would run a race.  There may be someone ahead of you, running faster, running better. Maybe another leader who has a skill you admire, a maturity you need, who can do some things you can’t do.  Perhaps it is the guy who had the job before you. Don’t ignore them. You need him!  You need to learn from him, maybe not to do what he did or, but to ask, how would he do this?  You need to learn from others with experience.

#2)  Also in this race, there may be someone running behind you, who can’t do it as well as you can do it, who struggles in certain areas.  You need to help him, to encourage what he does well, to help where you can. He needs you!  Yet, you also need him because he may have skills you don’t have, skills that can help you accomplish what God has called you to do.

#3)  Then, there are the people right around you in this race of life.  Maybe you have never seen them as someone who can help you.  Maybe you already sense their value.  The point is, don’t focus on what they can’t do.  Focus on the fact that they are with you in this journey and try to imagine what you can do if you work together.

Fatima and Ahman are better because they learned this lesson.


Don’t try to do it alone.  God said that wasn’t good!

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