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We’ve been talking the past couple of weeks about the start of the New Year, about our need to determine goals for the year and how to take some time to reflect and plan.  I trust you have been able to find some time to look forward and to determine some things that you really want to focus on in your life.

This morning during a personal time of reading the Word and reading from one of my favorite authors, I was challenged with something, and I want to share it with you today.  It’s a simple thought, but it’s important.

I try to read Oswald Chambers book, “My Utmost for His Highest” as often as I can. It’s a daily devotional book that is just filled with deep truth and wonderful reminders for me.  This morning, while waiting at the auto shop for my car to be fixed, I opened today’s thought (January 6th).  You can read the whole thought on this website:  CLICK HERE

Here’s the connect….

One of the goals I’ve been defining in my own life this past week has to do with the time I take each day to worship God, to listen to Him and to spend time in His presence.  I found myself creating a lot of “activities” around my personal time with Christ.  The challenge I got from Chambers devotion on worship is that often we try to “create” space where we can be alone with God, where we can be still, where we can be quiet.  We believe that this is an important aspect of our personal “quiet” time, and then we’re frustrated by the “noise” that exists around us, and often this is the excuse we use for why we don’t spend more time alone with God:  “I can’t find any quiet place, or my life is too crazy”.

Chambers thought challenged me to realize that I need to learn to worship God in the “midst” of the noise in my life.  My worship of Him should be a part of my entire day, in everything I’m doing, not simply in a 30-minute block I’ve set aside in the morning.  He wants my life, every aspect of it, and I tend to always try to separate the “work” I do from the “worship” I do.

Read his thoughts.  Think about them.

What does this look like in your life?

For me, I need to:

*Open my eyes to what God is doing around me, all day, every day.

*In the midst of the chaos & craziness, acknowledge that God is right there with me.

*Learn to talk to him “constantly”.

*Realize that the world I live in a noisy, is busy, is crowded.  I will have a hard time escaping completely, so how do I respond to that noise, business & the crowd?


I want Him to be a part of EVERY aspect of my life.  Not just the portion of time that I’ve allotted each day, when I get to it.

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