You Can’t Do It Alone

259224Why do we keep believing that as LEADERS we can do it on our own?

We can’t!  There’s no way for us to create great impact, sustainability and process without the help of others.

In the book, “The Truth About Leadership”, Kouzes and Posner write about 5 ways that we need to learn to rely on others.  The 5 methods are from the book, the comments below each one are mine:

1)  You Have to Make a Human Connection

Today, we spend more time with our computer, phone and tablet than we do with people in the same office or organization.  We have learned to insulate ourselves from others, relying on technology for connection.  We need to build relationship.  We need a relationship with the people we work with as well as with our clients, or the people we serve.  Don’t insulate yourself!  When you nurture a human connection, it motivates you and encourages you as a leader.

2)  You Have to Hear what People are Saying

When we’re not with others, we don’t hear what others are saying or what they’re thinking.  People on your team have great ideas, insights and dreams.  Don’t just rely on what’s going on in your head.  Learn to listen to others, and you’ll find that you’re able to think in a whole new way.  

3)  Unite People Around a Shared Vision

Carrying a vision by yourself is tough!  If you fail, you carry the weight of that.  If you succeed, you carry the load of the new opportunities. When you bring people with you to the vision, you get help. People rally.  People support.  People help to carry the load.  People are there to implement the next steps.  You don’t have to do it alone!

4)  Make Others Feel Strong and Capable

Empowering others takes time and effort.  Building into your team means that you spend time with them identifying strengths and weaknesses, and you help them to grow in their abilities and leadership.  Many times, your job as the leader is to help your team realize what they’re able to accomplish!  You need these people, unless you’re content to continue doing things by yourself.

5)  Bring It Out of Others

One of the greatest things a leader does is to ask questions of those working around you.  When you do this, you help them realize that they’ve got valuable ideas, that they’re able to contribute and that they have something to offer to the organization. Allow others to contribute.  Ask questions, help them grow, help them engage.  When you do this, you will find people who WANT to be a part of the vision and want to help move forward.

Or, you can just keep doing things by yourself.

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