You have a Gift

Do you spend most of your time trying to be like someone else?  When we talk about mentoring, we’re talking about the ability to learn from others:  to sharpen your skills, to expand your influence, to grow in a number of areas, to learn something new.  All of this is really good, but it doesn’t mean you stop being who you are, who you were created to be.

You have been created with a purpose in mind.  God has a plan for you, and he’s given you the skills, abilities and gifts needed to fulfill that plan. This doesn’t mean we stop learning, but I want to remind you today that each of you are gifted, and you have something to offer!

Sometimes we get caught up in a number of “GAMES” that take our eyes off of ourselves and who we have been created to be:


We spend our lives looking at other people, and we don’t think we measure up.  We look at their abilities, and we compare it to ourselves and we knock ourselves down.

•You can’t spend your life comparing yourself to others.  There will always be other people who are better than you in certain things.  When we get caught in this trap, we aren’t able to see the things that we bring to the table.


We look at others, we see where they are positioned, and we want that.  We spend our energy trying to get what they have instead of fulfilling the call God has given to us.

•Don’t try to live other people’s lives.  Be YOU.  Use what you have, and make your own path.


We are so critical of ourselves.  We spend most of our time looking at our shortcomings and talking about the things we “can’t” do, instead of looking at the things we “can” do.

•Don’t be so critical.  Look for the positive and focus on it.   Look for strength instead of weakness.


We are so afraid of failure that it paralyzes us and keeps us from ever trying things that might be a little risky.  Don’t let fear immobilize you.

•Failure is a part of leadership.  There will be things you will fail in, and this is normal.  Learn from the experience and move forward!

Don’t let these “games” derail you.

I want to remind you today:

*You have been gifted specifically for the role you are in today.

*You have what it takes.

*You can always learn new things and become a better leader, but this doesn’t mean that you lose your identity and your personality.

*God has placed you exactly where He wants you to be.


Simple reminder today.  Don’t forget it.

Now, Lead On!

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